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Bell Hooks' Engaged Pedagogy

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This work lucidates bell hooks' social and educational theory, with emphasis on her 1994 book, Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom. Florence deals with the issues of marginality and cultural alienation that are so prevalent among certain groups within the American society and presents strategies to help develop critical consciousness and affirmation of formerly subordinated cultural traits and characteristics. Her study resonates with current themes raised by critical, feminist and multicultural scholars showing how marginalized groups may be guilty of reinforcing their own status through complicity with the dominant culture's world view, and how education can empower them to demand a more egalitarian society and one that recognizes cultural plurality.

Fishhooks In Treetops

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We are busy people-sometimes so busy making a living that we forget to stay connected with those we love. We even forget to make memories.

This was not the case for Marion Mosley, a busy Southern Illinois man who served as farmer, salesman, pastor, fisherman, and father, among other things. He wrote down events he remembered about author Wilda Young's childhood and insisted that she do the same. The result is Fishhooks in Treetops.

It recalls fishing trips, spelling contests, revival meetings, music lessons, disciplinary actions, racial tension, and tragic accidents.

This memoir shares entertaining events in the life of a Christian family in the fifties and sixties. They illustrate that all families experience joys and sorrows as children grow up. Opportunities for teaching and learning abound!

Join Wilda Young and her father as they connect on this memorable trip. Observe their relationship as they tangle their fishing lines and tangle with each other. See how their remembered events shape character and teach valuable lessons.

Fishhooks in Treetops seeks to inspire you to make connections for your own journey down memory lane.

Bell Hooks

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Bell Hooks' writings have been touchstones for major debates in the culture wars, fostering insight into many central questions in communication studies. Her work is vital to students and scholars who explore the ways in which media shape our sense of our selves, our roles, and those with whom we interact. This book provides readers with a measured, contextualized introduction to how Hooks' writings on media and culture enhance our understanding of key concepts in communication. Hooks' insistence on focusing our attention on the workings of power and the impact of history and her willingness to explore connections between individual and group experiences have produced provocative, fruitful conjectures about media and culture.


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