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Chooks In Dinner Suits

RRP $19.99

On a tiny island lives a waddle of Little Penguins. But their numbers are dwindling.
Swampy Marsh knows what to do, but no one will listen.
Soon he can count the last few penguins on the fingers of one hand.
The desperate townsfolk give Swampy, and his friends Max and Mimi, one chance.

Will his solution work? Will Swampy save the Little Penguins of Middle Island?

A warmly funny account of one man’s quest to save a penguin colony, with two very unusual helpers. This story is based on events that took place on Middle Island, Warrnambool and have become well known to the public. This true story, which features both human and animal heroes, has been written as a heartwarming tale by Diane Jackson Hill. Craig Smith’s lively illustrations capture all the drama and humour of the predicament and the characters involved.

About the Author

Diane Jackson Hill co-authored the successful Uke’n Play Ukulele book/CD series, published by Music Sales Ltd and Hinkler Books.

She has another musical picture book contracted to New Frontier and two other picture books to be released early in 2016: Annabel’s Dance, being illustrated by Lois Bury and published by Wombat Books (about a sheep with ADHD); and Chooks in Dinner Suits – An Oddball Tale of Big Dogs and Little Penguins, being illustrated by Craig Smith and published by Museum Victoria (the real story behind the movie Oddball).

Diane lives by the sea in southwest Victoria and plays ukulele!

About the Illustrator

Craig Smith grew up in the Adelaide Hills, later studying at the South Australian School of Art.

In a nearly 40 year career he has illustrated over 380 picture books, junior novels and educational readers.

The humour and pathos of an Australian childhood are recurring themes in his work – a childhood lived in the Australian landscape, not always a suburb.

Murder Hooks A Mermaid

RRP $15.99

Nestled in Keyhole Bay, Florida, Glory Martine's souvenir shop, Southern Treasures, is supposed to trap tourists-not ghosts. But a possessed parrot may be just what Glory needs to solve a murder...

Inheriting her great-uncle Louis's bayside souvenir shop should have been a breeze for Glory. Instead it's been one headache after another-with a lot of them generated by Bluebeard, a parrot with a mouth like a sailor and a personality a lot like her late great-uncle. But Glory's troubles pale in comparison to those of her best friend Karen, whose ex may still have the personalized key chain to her heart, but whose brother-in-law is about to get locked up.

A diver has been found with a gaff hook in his chest, and Karen turns to Glory to help get her brother-in-law off the hook for his murder. But casting the net for the real killer won't be easy. Glory and Bluebeard are about to find out that the secrets in Keyhole Bay run deeper than anyone ever imagined

Bell Hooks' Engaged Pedagogy

RRP $402.99

This work lucidates bell hooks' social and educational theory, with emphasis on her 1994 book, Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom. Florence deals with the issues of marginality and cultural alienation that are so prevalent among certain groups within the American society and presents strategies to help develop critical consciousness and affirmation of formerly subordinated cultural traits and characteristics. Her study resonates with current themes raised by critical, feminist and multicultural scholars showing how marginalized groups may be guilty of reinforcing their own status through complicity with the dominant culture's world view, and how education can empower them to demand a more egalitarian society and one that recognizes cultural plurality.


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